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Most of you already decided to order from us, already have or are contemplating doing so at the earliest chance you get, (which flatters me and gives me goosebumps beyond words), because you already figured we are different, authentic, artistic and intricate.

But may I add that your rug with us will age beautifully, and become one of those decades' old sought after vintage gems - The secret that cannot be copied by those motivated by fast profit, is that we make our rugs for you as if they were ours to keep, in fine handspun wool, handdyed colors, attention to detail, and the genuine patience to get in the flesh the exact rug you have in mind.


I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who's emailed me or messaged me on instagram to express how much they love what we do, my art and what I do for the community. I am thinking to share some of those messages with you all soon, print some to hang on my wall as well.  

I'm Assya Zayania, from the middle atlas Zayane tribes known as warriors' tribe (for having had the major role in ending the colonization) and also known as the heart of the world famous wedding blankets.  Thank you to the future buyers who have contacted me about them saving to own a piece of my art in their home, and that brings them joy! I'm getting more goosebumps as I type this. from my heart, thank you, and know that you are partaking in helping many families sustain.


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Assya M Zayania

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