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Would "Oh my God" suffice?
No. I need to say more. You know a rug craft(woman)ship is incredible when it impresses even a woman from the heritage🙋🏻‍♀️. I posted a story on this around 10 days ago. About Fatima who intuitively wove this. A relative weaver who is 58. She hasn't woven much in twenty years. A couple ladies from her family work with me and her brother helps me manage things when I'm not there. She recently joined me and really outdid herself. She does the whole process in the most traditional way. She has close sight difficulty and I intended to accompany her to ophtalmo but covid happened. I cannot wait to go back and be there for her. She takes longer than most weavers to finish the weaving, because she lives with her stepson only and no female relatives at home to help her add knots as she lives about an hour walk from most of us in the village, not to mention she🌿 plant dyes the wool herself, but the result is absolute art. I am calling this one "Fatima 58" to honor the age she went back to traditional craft, defying vision difficulty and impressing us all with this intricate work.
This beauty sold out instantly to a fellow Artist's family in Australia, and will have another one in 2 months or so 💛 (Please send me a Direct Message if youd like to reserve yours, or with any questions or comments♡)
(FATIMA 58: 165 x 275 cm 5.5x8.5)


Assya Zayania

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