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This lady in fushia is a widow and has 4 kids. She is the sole provider for her children. She just joined Zayania Rugs as one of the 2 newest weaver members.

My heart was broken enough as is to know that.. but later on when I found out more I became furious. Some man approached her to hire her daughter as a maid for some other man. He tried to talk her into accepting by scaring her about the future! He wanted her to take out her 14yr old daughter out of school so she can become a maid and help her mother provide for her 3 other siblings! How cruel some people are???
My head weaver told me about it, and I couldn't help myself but call that "man" a sonofab***!
The widow had gotten so confused and scared, she approached my head weaver Fadma for insight. She told her she should absolutely refuse. And after I found out, I'm even more motivated to help take care of her and her children so that in a year or so she could have an even more stable financial situation than the pathetic man who tried to manipulate her into taking her daughter out of school to become a maid.

Jamila just made the first custom moroccan rug for me and I'm  pleased with the quality of her work. If you'd like your rug made by her, just let me know. Every lady has a story and I genuinely do my best to support each and every one of them. 💚



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